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Surveillance and GPS Tracking (Live Feed).

Our private investigators are experts in disguise and undercover surveillance. Through smart, tenacious persistence and by using the latest technologies, they have provided their corporate clients with high quality, effective surveillance video and photography for a variety of circumstances.

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Background Investigations & Criminal History.

It is becoming more apparent in business and industry that people are not always as qualified as they claim to be. They also may have a past history of criminal or inappropriate behaviors. Before hiring your next employee, contact us to conduct a high level, complete background check to ensure the person you are trusting with your business is qualified, capable, and has a clean history.

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Attorney Resource.

An attorney and their clients can benefit by our services for litigation support services. Let us conduct the appropriate due diligence and investigative research, which could prove crucial in preparing a case for trial.

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We Are a Key to Your PROTECTION

Steve Olimpio Detective Agency provides full private investigation, corporate security services, background checks, missing person investigations, surveillance services and more.

We employ a network of private investigators that are former law enforcement agents.


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